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Self Storage Packing Tips

Make packing and moving easier by planning ahead. Our friendly storage professionals are happy to share a few tricks of the trade to help you get through moving day. Here are a few tips from Maximum Storage RV & Self Storage in Colorado Springs, CO, to simplify and streamline the process.

Make a List – Plan ahead by purchasing supplies before the big day. Access Storage sells boxes, furniture pads, locks, and more. Visit our office to view our selection of packing supplies.

Use Pallets – Invest in pallets for self storage units. Not only will it help prevent the degradation of your stored items, it will also help to increase air flow.

Fill Boxes to Capacity – Partially full or bulging boxes are more susceptible to collapse during storage. Use bubblewrap, towels, blankets, or newsprint to fill in empty spaces.

Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes – Don’t overload big boxes. Save your back the pain and pack heavy items in small boxes.

Label Boxes on All Sides – Boxes are easier to find when all sides are labeled. Clearly mark all boxes containing fragile items.

Seal All Boxes – Tightly sealed boxes prevent dust from entering.

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Household Items

Appliances and Electronics – Clean your appliances before storage. Defrost and dry refrigerators and freezers, and drain all washing machines completely. Be sure that all snow blowers, lawnmowers, etc. have been drained of all fuel.

Bicycles and Tools – Wipe a few drops of oil onto your bicycle or tools to prevent rusting.

Books – Store all books and documents flat to protect the spine.

Clothing – Wardrobe boxes allow you to store all of your clothing on hangers. Take advantage of extra space in dressers and drawers to store folded clothes, jackets, towels, etc.

Dishes and Glassware – Individually wrap all glass or porcelain items. Be sure to “nest” cups, bowls, plates, and platters.

Furniture – Do not place upholstered furniture directly on the floor. Use lightweight plastic dust covers or furniture pads to protect your belongings. Store sofas and mattresses on end. Wrap all furniture legs in packing paper or similar.

For more great packing tips, visit the Maximum Storage RV & Self Storage leasing office. Our team of professionals is here to help make storage easier for you!

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